Copenhagen H3
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Danish Nash Hash 2024

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Venue: Danhostel Helsingør
Nordre Strandvej 24
3000 Helsingør
Dates: 28-30th June 2024

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Hash Name Home Hash Paid?
2.8 Seconds ONH3 Yes
9Balls Copenhagen H3 Yes
Against Nature Copenhagen H3 Yes
Big Brother Stockholm H3 Yes
Big Mouth Stockholm H3 Yes
Big Succulent Copenhagen H3 Yes
Biggles Copenhagen H3 Yes
BlondD Aarhus H3 Yes
Body of desire Panama / Nurnberg Yes
Bottom Up HHHNS Yes
Bubbles Bergen H3 Yes
Bull's Eye Taiwan Hash Yes
Calapso Copenhagen H3 Yes
Canada Wet Zurich H3 Yes
Champagne Runner HHHNS Yes
Chemical Attraction Copenhagen H3 Yes
Chunder Woman Basel Yes
Codpiece Copenhagen Howlin' H3 Yes
Cogh Hannover H3 Yes
Cold Bitch Gothenburg H3 Yes
Come Along Amsterdam H3 Yes
Cruiser Hamburg H7 Yes
Cuddles 'n Cream Palm Beach Hurricane H3 Yes
Dazed and Confused Copenhagen H3 Yes
Deep and Smelly Penetration Copenhagen H3 Yes
Dirty Dancer Stockholm H3 Yes
Dirty Lobster Stockholm Underground Hash Yes
Doggy Bag Copenhagen H3 Yes
DotCum Copenhagen H3 Yes
Double Decker WAGH3 Yes
Double Flipped Obelix ONH3 Yes
Drug Bust Frankfurt H3 Yes
E Square = I'm A Douche Boston H3 Yes
E.T. Copenhagen H3 Yes
Ez chair Portland Hump Yes
Fanny Chill Copenhagen H3 Yes
Fatal If Swallowed Copenhagen H3 Yes
Finnish On My Face Wildcard H3 Yes
Flagpole Copenhagen H3 Yes
Forest Hump Zurich H3 Yes
Four n Twenty Inverness Stockholm/GH3 Yes
Frozen Balls Stockholm H3 Yes
Goes Both Ways Stockholm H3 Yes
Groin Biter Mermaids H3 Yes
Hanseatic Slut Mermaids H3 Yes
Harpo Hash Aarhus H3 Yes
Head job Hannover H3 Yes
Hidden Asset Hamburg H7 Yes
High Fly Hannover H3 Yes
Hitman Aarhus H3 Yes
Hooky SHITS Frankfurt Yes
Horse Hannover H3 Yes
Hot Boobs Gothenburg H3 Yes
I Cum in the Land Down Under Charm City H3 Yes
Ich Been Laiden Berlin H3 Yes
Ingrid Larssen SPORADIC H3 Yes
Joint Venture Copenhagen H3 Yes
Just Henrik Copenhagen H3 Yes
Just Jenni Copenhagen H3 Yes
Just Owen Copenhagen H3 Yes
Just Peter Berlin H3 Yes
Just Romy Copenhagen H3 Yes
Laid Bird Stockholm H3 Yes
Liquorice Hannover H3 Yes
Longshanks Hamburg H7 Yes
Loping Scrotum Copenhagen H3 Yes
Lust Jucie Copenhagen Renegade H3 Yes
MaBouche Brazil Nuts Yes
Mad Hatter ONH3 Yes
Mad Swede WAGH3 Yes
Made 2 Cum Frankfurt H3 Yes
Mobile Dick Copenhagen H3 Yes
Moss Bros Frankfurt/CRAP Yes
Mr Whippy Manila Hash House Harriers Yes
Mr. Repeat HHHNS Yes
Mr.PeTiT Copenhagen H3 Yes
Pant in the Country Hamburg H7 Yes
Pippi Longcocking Stockholm H3 Yes
Pirate of the Queeribean Stockholm H3 Yes
Plastered Copenhagen H3 Yes
Red Carpet Copenhagen H3 Yes
Return to Gender Wildcard H3 Yes
Righthanging Aarhus H3 Yes
Rongjon La Jolla Yes
Rosé Stockholm H3 Yes
Ruko HHHNS Yes
Rumple Brussels Manneke Piss H3 Yes
Running Nuts Gothenburg H3 Yes
S & M Makati, Metro Manila Hash House Harriers Yes
Sallywhacker Copenhagen H3 Yes
Salmonella Hannover H3 Yes
Semen Commander Frankfurt H3 Yes
Sex Reject GoNAD Yes
Shit Creek Blackpudding Yes
Short Call Gothenburg H3 Yes
Short Fat and Black Berlin H3 Yes
ShortCutta Stockholm Underground Hash Yes
Silent P Berlin H3 Yes
Sir RubHerTurd MijasH3 Yes
Slippery Edge Amsterdam H3 Yes
Soaked Arse Aarhus H3 Yes
Sparerib Snonads Yes
Speedy HHHNS Yes
SpermAid MijasH3 Yes
Spiderman Aarhus H3 Yes
Spouse ONH3 Yes
SquareHead Aarhus H3 Yes
Stains the Sheets Copenhagen H3 Yes
Standup Copenhagen H3 Yes
Streaky Aarhus H3 Yes
Swinging Tits Gothenburg H3 Yes
The Boss RDH3 Yes
The Nigerian Bangkok Thursday H3 Yes
Thistle Hurt Road Whore Yes
ThunderPiss Copenhagen H3 Yes
Top Shelf Houston H3 Yes
Torben Trompet HHHNS Yes
Touched by Boobies Berlin H3 Yes
Triple Dickhead Copenhagen H3 Yes
Tunnel of Love Sembach Yes
V.D.Viking SPORADIC H3 Yes
Victoria's Secret Vindobona H3 Yes
Wee Wee Berlin H3 Yes
Whore Durve Frankfurt H3 Yes
Whore With No Name Frankfurt H3 Yes
Woodstock the Bird Copenhagen H3 Yes
World Wide Whore Sembach Yes
Wouldn't Chew DIVAHHH Yes
Yarkie Copenhagen H3 Yes
Yoron Weed Stuttgart H3 Yes
Zulu HHHNS Yes
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