Copenhagen H3
Copenhagen H3

Interscandic / Danish Nash Hash 2021

Who is cumming

Venue: Nelijärve Puhkekeskus, Aegviidu,
74501 Harju maakond, Estonia
New dates: 2nd-4th July 2021

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Hash Name Home Hash Paid?
1 Calapso Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
2 Codpiece Copenhagen Howlin' Hash House Harriers Yes
3 Ruko H3NS Yes
4 S3 (Schütte Shit Shooter) BMPH3 Brussels Manneke Piss Yes
5 Never Finnish BMPH3 Brussels Manneke Piss Yes
6 Mind Your Nuts Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
7 Higgins BMPH3 Brussels Manneke Piss Yes
8 Little John Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
9 Ground Zero Oslo H3 Yes
10 The Candidate H3NS Yes
11 F*kking Beep Beep Oslo H3 Yes
12 Fanny Chill Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
14 Speedy H3NS Yes
15 PepperRonni Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
16 Crack One Open Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
17 Just Zune Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
18 Soaked Arse Aarhus H3 Yes
19 Roll Me Over Oslo H3 Yes
20 Wiener del Fuego Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
21 Mr Blowjob Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
22 Buzz Lightyear Oslo H3 Yes
23 Fatty & Sweaty Oslo H3 Yes
24 One Night Wonder Zurich H3 Yes
25 Forest Hump Zurich H3 Yes
26 Ingrid Larssen SPOR&DIC H3 Yes
27 V.D.Viking SPOR&DIC H3 Yes
28 Standing Ovation Stockholm H3 Yes
29 Callboy H3NS Yes
30 Squatty Potty Zurich H3 Yes
31 Cuming Slowly BMPH3 Brussels Manneke Piss Yes
32 Deep & Smelly Penetration Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
33 For Sale or Rent White House H3/Mount Vernon H3 Yes
34 Wet&Ready Zurich H3 Yes
35 Goldilocks Sembach Yes
36 SnotEnough Hannover H3 Yes
37 Longshanks Hamburg H7 Yes
38 She Mussel Bitch Austin H3 Yes
39 Blanka Wanka Madrid Yes
40 Double Top Cambridge H3 Yes
41 While You're Down There Cambridge H3 Yes
42 Antar Cambridge H3 Yes
43 Kermit Cambridge H3 Yes
44 Bruce Almighty Aberdeen HHH Yes
45 Debonaire Cambridge H3 Yes
46 Slaphead Cambridge H3 Yes
47 Goldfinger Cambridge H3 Yes
48 B@stard Cambridge H3 Yes
49 Dr Doolittle Essex All Saints, UK Yes
50 Vicky Vomit Essex All Saints, UK Yes
51 Shamcock Cambridge H3 Yes
52 U-Bend Cambridge H3 Yes
53 shitHead Pattaya Jungle H3 Yes
54 Stains the Sheets Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
55 Full Service Oslo H3 Yes
56 Red Carpet Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
57 Flagpole Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
58 Escort Required Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
59 Biggles Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
60 E.T. Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
61 CIA Houston H3 Yes
62 Groin Biter DIVAHHH Yes
63 Likk'mm B.I.T.CH H3 Yes
64 Miss Fucktober Zurich H3 Yes
65 Dead O'Fart The Hague H3 Yes
66 Playtex The Hague H3 Yes
67 Double Dick Oslo H3 Yes
68 Pucko Stockholm/Oslo H3 Yes
69 Just Christian Oslo H3 Yes
70 Doggy Bag Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
71 ThunderPiss Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
72 Paprika Smiley Pattaya Hash Yes
73 Frozen Balls Stockholm H3 Yes
74 Pirate Of The Queeribean Oslo/Stockholm H3 Yes
75 Four'n'Twenty Inverness Stockholm Yes
76 Ready to Blow Oslo H3 Yes
77 Smartarse First UK Full Moon H3 Yes
78 Loping Scrotum Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
79 Jesus Hickey Christ Amsterdam Hash House Harriers Yes
82 SquareHead Aarhus H3 Yes
83 Termite Stockholm Absolut Hash House Harriers Yes
84 Marmite Stockholm Absolut Hash House Harriers Yes
85 Taxidermist Cambridge H3 Yes
86 Rongjon Gypsies in the palace Yes
87 Joint Venture Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
88 Triple Dickhead Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
89 Mad Cow Savannakhet HHH Yes
90 CopSucker Zurich H3 Yes
91 Iron Lady Riviera Yes
92 Gorilla Cambridge H3 Yes
93 Bubbles DRIFTER H3 Yes
94 Soju Sonata Seoul HHH Yes
95 Tits 4 Tips Survivor H3 Yes
96 Yarkie Copenhagen Viking Wankers Yes
97 Rumple Oostende GoNAD H3 Yes
98 2 Row Hooker Frankfurt H3 Yes
3 Shits to the Wind Sembach H3  
50 Shades City H3 (London)  
Aahluetta Oh3  
BB Savannakhet HHH  
Centrefold Aberdeen HHH  
Check me out Bergen H3  
Cherry Popper Zurich H3  
Cinderella Tallinn H3  
Cold Bitch Gothenburg H3  
Cumming Numb DIVAHHH  
Cunnil-Won't-Us European Wandering Whore H3  
Dick In The Eye EWH3  
Dog Handler Bergen H3  
Double Dickhead Sembach H3  
Doubledecker Westra Aros Gurka HHH  
Emu Edinburgh H3  
European Whore Nittany Valley  
Four Bros Sembach H3  
German Dungeon Porn H3 Space Coast  
Guinea Pig Bergen H3  
Happy Ending Toulouse  
Happy Panncake Gotheburg hash house harrier  
Harry Potter Copenhagen Viking Wankers  
Headless Bergen H3  
High Fly Hannover H3  
Hitman Aarhus H3  
Horse Hannover H3  
Hot Boobs Gothenburg H3  
Ib von Täinen Copenhagen Viking Wankers  
Ice Queen Vindobona HHH  
KitOff Cantabrigensis H3  
LIMP Stockholm Absolut  
Mad Swede Westra Aros Gurka HHH  
Man Hoarder Sembach H3  
Mata Hari Bergen H3  
Megasaurarse Edinburgh H3  
Mobile Dick Copenhagen Viking Wankers  
Moose Diver Schaffhausen H3  
Moule en Rouge BMPH3  
MTM Homeless in Belize  
Pant in the Country Hamburg H7  
Pat Bonetar Okinawa H3  
Pedalfile Copenhagen Viking Wankers  
Peel A Penis Copenhagen Viking Wankers  
Pimp Stockholm Absolut  
Pricksearcher KH3  
Queer and Foaming in my Anus Boston Zig Zag Hash  
Sex Reject BMPH3 Brussels Manneke Piss  
Short'n Curlies Tallinn H3  
Slush Puppie Vindobona HHH  
Spanish Fly Tallinn H3  
Sparerib SNONAD H3  
Sperm Bank Tallinn H3  
Spiderman Aarhus H3  
Stains the Couch Tallinn H3  
Steaming Cougar Bait Copenhagen Viking Wankers  
Stiff Meat FUKFMH3  
Sux2Blow Nittany Valley  
Sweaty Balls Aarhus H3  
Swinging Tits Gothenburg H3  
Wee Wee Berlin and Delhi Hash  
Wet Dream Copenhagen Viking Wankers  
Wet Pump Oslo H3  
Wham! Copenhagen Viking Wankers  
Wipe It Off Oslo H3  
WOPS Osan Bugogi  
Yoohoo OH3  
Zulu H3NS  
Total: 164 registered 95 paid
Last registration received on 29-05-2020 12:27 CET
Last payment received on 13-03-2020
At the moment we have 0 registration(s) on our waiting list
The Registrations database last updated by our trained monkeys on 29-05-2020 14:38 CEST

Hosted by Copenhagen Hash House Harriers and Tallinn Hash House Harriers
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