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Danish Nash Hash 2020

Sin up for the waiting list

Venue: Nelijärve Puhkekeskus, Aegviidu,
74501 Harju maakond, Estonia
Dates: 26-28th June 2020

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Registration for the Danish Nash Hash 2020 waiting list:

Hash Name: *
Home Hash: *
Sex: * Female Male
First Name(s): *
Surname: *
Country: *
Email: *
Run length: * Short Medium Ballbreaker
Drink: * Beer: Yes No
Wine: Yes No
Soft drinks: Yes No
Food: * Omnivore Vegetarian
T-shirt: * S M L XL XXL XXXL (Male/Female T-shirts)
Sleeping with:
Snore level: * Whisper: 1 2 3 4 5 Earthquake

I understand that my consent to these provisions is given in consideration for being permitted to participate in this event.

I am aware of, and voluntarily assume the risks of coming to this event.

If I am injured, I agree that I will not sue, or otherwise hold responsible, the Danish Nash Hash 2020 Committee or any affiliated individuals, or any run sponsor and/or their employees.

In other words, I take full responsibility for my own actions and will not try to legally screw anybody connected with this event; and maybe, for the first time in my life, I will be responsible for my actions and myself.

I have read and understood the above, and agree with the terms and conditions listed herein.


Hosted by Copenhagen Hash House Harriers