Copenhagen H3
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Danish Nash Hash 2016

July 8th - 10th 2016

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At the moment 147 have signed up, 147 have paid.

We are sold out at the moment, and the waiting list is closed too.

If you have signed up you have to pay up to be sure of your place. When we have 130 places sold there are no more available so don't delay!


Hash NameHome HashPaid?
2 Swedes Cummin Stockholm H3Paid
Agger H3NSPaid
Ahluetta Oslo H3Paid
Antar Cambridge H3Paid
Apple Jack Århus H3Paid
Beetroot Norfolk UKPaid
Bellman H3NSPaid
Bellwoman H3NSPaid
Big Shaker Oslo H3Paid
Biggles Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
BigManWanted Stockholm H3Paid
Birdie Nam Nam Ludvika H3Paid
Black Cock Down Boston H3Paid
Boar Whore FILTH H3Paid
Bruce Almighty AberdeenPaid
Bubbles D. R. I. F. T. E. R. H3Paid
Butt Lips Århus H3Paid
Buzz Lightyear Oslo H3Paid
Calapso Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Can't Eat Pussy Boston H3Paid
Champagne runner H3NSPaid
Charlie Brown Århus H3Paid
Chiquita Århus H3Paid
Codpiece Copenhagen Howlin' H3Paid
Concrete Erection Stockholm Underground H3Paid
Cuming Slowly Brussels Manneke Piss H3Paid
Daffidildo Cambridge H3Paid
Der Tulip Eater Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Dirty Dancer Stockholm H3Paid
Dog Handler Bergen H3Paid
Doggy Bag Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Doggy Style Cambridge H3Paid
Double Dick Oslo H3Paid
Double Top CambridgePaid
Doubledecker Westra Aros Gurka HHHPaid
E = I'm A Douche Eager 4 Beaver (Boston)Paid
E.T. Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Escort Required Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Eye-Full Stockholm H3Paid
Fanny Chill Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Fatty n Sweaty Oslo H3Paid
Flagpole Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Foggy Glasses Bergen H3Paid
Four'n'Twenty Inverness StockholmPaid
Fourpack Stockholm H3Paid
Friis H3NSPaid
Frozen Balls Stockholm H3Paid
Fuck and Go Oslo H3Paid
Fugawee Oslo H3Paid
Full Service Oslo H3Paid
Fully Distilled Bratislava H3Paid
Groin Biter DIVAHHHPaid
Her Holynose Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Higgins GoNAD H3Paid
High Fly Hannover Hash House HarriersPaid
Horny Larssen Royal Magnarp and Bordighera H3Paid
Hvidhund H3NSPaid
Ib von Täinen Copenhagen H3Paid
Ice Queen Vindobona H3Paid
Indy Sent Exposure Oslo H3Paid
Ingrid Larssen SPOR&DIC H3Paid
Jingle Balls Stockholm Marathon Hash Paid
Joint Venture Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Just Maria Stockholm H3Paid
Just Troels Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Kermit Cambridge H3Paid
Laid Bird Stockholm H3Paid
Late Commer Aarhus H3Paid
Left Beer Hind Bratislava H3Paid
Likk'mm B.I.T.CH H3Paid
Limp Stockholm AbsolutPaid
Little Ingrid Stockholm H3Paid
Little Sperm Maid Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Luva Lamp Boston H3 Paid
Mad Swede Westra Aros Gurka HHHPaid
Marmite Stockholm AbsolutPaid
Massive Attack Aarhus H3Paid
Mata Hari Bergen H3Paid
Menage a Trois Stockholm H3Paid
Mind Your Nuts Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Missen H3NSPaid
Mobile Dick Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Mooseman Ludvika H3Paid
Morena Tropicana Ludvika H3Paid
Mother Goose Århus H3Paid
Mr. PeTiT Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Ms Lucky Winchester / Wessex Paid
MTM LusakaPaid
No name Trygve Oslo H3Paid
Odin Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Peeping Tom Pussy Space Unicorn H3Paid
Pimp Stockholm AbsolutPaid
Pippi Longcocking Stockholm H3Paid
Pirate Of The Queeribean Oslo H3Paid
Pubic Service Announcement Boston H3Paid
Pucko Stockholm/OsloPaid
RAM Winchester / Wessex Paid
Red Carpet Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Rosé Stockholm H3Paid
Rumple Brussels Manneke Piss H3Paid
S3 (Schütte Shit Shooter) Berlin H3Paid
Salmonella Hannover Hash House HarriersPaid
Senor Cocksucker Boston H3Paid
Shit Creek Blackpudding H3Paid
Shithead DRIFTERPaid
Short, Fat & Black Berlin H3Paid
Silverback Ludvika H3Paid
Simply Red Oslo HHHPaid
Sketchy Ho Boston H3Paid
Slaphead Cambridge H3Paid
Slush Puppie Vindobona H3Paid
Smallpox Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Soaked Arse Århus H3Paid
Sparerib SNONAD H3Paid
Speedy H3NSPaid
Spiderman Århus H3Paid
SquareHead Århus H3Paid
Standing Ovation Stockholm H3Paid
Steaming Cougar Bait Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Sweaty Balls Århus H3Paid
Swedish Eagle Boston Ballbuster H4Paid
Swinging Tits Gothenburg H3Paid
Tasty Piss Hannover H3Paid
Termite Stockholm AbsolutPaid
The Boss H3NSPaid
ThunderPiss Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Titan Dick Stockholm H3Paid
Torp H3NSPaid
Triple Dickhead Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Triple Nipple Stockholm H3Paid
Twat My Mom Boston H3Paid
Two Bottles ACH3Paid
Udder Whore Space Unicorn H3Paid
V.D.Viking SPOR&DIC H3Paid
Viking H3NSPaid
War n Piece Amsterdam H3Paid
WebHash H3NSPaid
While You're Down There Cambridge H3Paid
Wikipedophilia Space Unicorn H3Paid
Wouldn't Chew Brussels Manneken Piss H3Paid
Yarkie Copenhagen Viking WankersPaid
Yohoo Oslo H3 / Bergen H3Paid
Zulu H3NSPaid

Not paid

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